The Baltimore Estate Planning Council is an interdisciplinary organization for professionals involved in estate planning. 

The Baltimore Estate Planning Council strives to foster understanding of the proper relationship between the functions of the Trust Officer, Attorney, Qualified Financial Advisor, Philanthropic Professional, Accountant, and any other party or parties having to do with estate planning, and to encourage co-operation of persons acting under those disciplines. 

We would like to welcome the following individuals who became Council members since January 1:

  • Marcus Aiello - Alex Brown
  • Aquanetta Betts - World Vision
  • Charles Kassouf - Law Offices of Charles Kassouf, LLC
  • Meredith Martin - Merideth Blake Martin, PA
  • Susan Posner - Susan Flax Posner, Esq., LLM in Taxation
  • Carl Schwartz - Bernstein
  • Paul Snyder - Thomas & Libowitz, PA

Our web site partnership with the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils provides our members with new services and opportunities to share resources and information with our members in addition to other estate planning councils and their members throughout the country.

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