The Baltimore Estate Planning Council is an interdisciplinary non-profit organization for professionals involved in estate planning. For more than 83 years and currently 300 members strong, the Council strives to foster understanding of the proper relationship between the functions of the Trust Officer, Attorney, Qualified Financial Advisor, Philanthropic Professional, Accountant, and any other party or parties having to do with estate planning, and to encourage co-operation of persons acting under those disciplines. 

Remote Witnessing of Wills, POAs and AMDs is now Authorized under the State of Maryland

On Friday, April 10, 2020, in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Governor Hogan issued an Executive Order authorizing the remote witnessing of Wills, Financial Powers of Attorney (POAs) and Advance Medical Directives (AMDs).  The is an emergency order which temporarily suspends certain In-Person Witnessing requirements.  Under the order, the Signer and two witnesses and a Supervising Attorney must be in the physical or Electronic presence of each other.  The Supervising Attorney may not serve as one of the witnesses and is responsible for creating a certified original of the document. Here is a link to the order detailing the requirements:

Please keep in mind that under MD law POAs must also be notarized.  The requirements for remote notarizations, which went into effect on March 30th, differ from remote witnessing.  At this time, attorneys must abide by both orders for a POA to be compliant with the law.  Below is the link for remote notarization:                                                 

This is a huge step in the right direction towards keeping both us and our clients safe during these uncertain times. 

The BEPC thanks Governor Hogan for enacting this unprecedented order and the efforts of Senator Chris West for advocating on behalf of all Marylanders.

The Baltimore Estate Planning Council has been named a
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Mia Antonelli - Trust Officer
Brian Bass - Financial Advisor
Tandilyn Cain - CPA

Stephanie Dain - Financial Advisor
Miranda Dover - Trust Officer

Megan Easter - Attorney
Randall Harris - Valuation Professional

Yale Hoffberg - Financial Advisor
Christopher Hovell - Trust Officer
Zachary Hubbard - Financial Advisor

Carrie Jarmer - Financial Advisor
Brian Jarosinski - Financial Advisor

Shlomo Kanner - Attorney
Cristin Lambros - Attorney
Ryan Levy - CPA
Jessica Lopez - CPA
Sandra Loys - Financial Advisor
Mary Makowske - Financial Advisor
Taylor Marino - Financial Advisor
Carlos Rodriguez - Trust Officer
Sarah Santeufemio - Financial Advisor
Patrick Scherer - Financial Advisor
Jason Tawney - Financial Advisor

Nancy Thomas - Financial Advisor
Nicholas Valerino - Financial Advisor

Christopher Walter - Attorney
Shaun Weber
- Financial Advisor
Zellie Wothers - Financial Advisor
Adam Zarren - Attorney


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