Emerging Planners

The Baltimore Estate Planning Emerging Planners membership is for professionals with generally less than ten years of experience in fields related to estate and financial planning. The Emerging Planners Program is meant to allow these professionals to develop relationships within related professions, to expand their knowledge and perspective regarding serving clientele in a collaborative and holistic way, and to encourage full membership and involvement with the BEPC and its committees.

The Emerging Planners membership costs an annual fee of $50 and includes two educational and social events coordinated by BEPC members each year (examples of educational event topics include "How to Build a Strong Professional Network" and "What is a Fiduciary?"), participation in a mentorship program where the Emerging Planner is paired with a member of the BEPC for the year, and discounted access to some of the BEPC educational events throughout the year.

Professionals joining this membership category can be Emerging Planner members for a maximum of three years, at which time they are invited to apply to be a full BEPC member if they would like to continue to be involved. This program provides access to networking with other professionals in the industry, educational and growth opportunities for these professionals, and exposure to the benefits of getting involved with the Council.