BEPC Annual Meeting

Date: Thursday, June 10, 2021
Time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Location: Zoom
Speaker: Anna P. Durbin, MD


4:00pm   Introductions and Welcome
4:15pm   Annual Meeting including Introduction & Election of the 2021-22 BEPC Officers & Board
4:30pm   “COVID Vaccines, Messenger RNA, & the Value of Basic Research" presented by Dr. Anna P. Durbin, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
5:00pm   BEPC President and President/Elect

Baltimore Estate Planning Council
Nominations for Officers
and Board Members for 2021/2022
Matthew Mace President ATY
Joel Simon President-Elect PP
Colleen McCloskey Vice President TM
Tina Lignos Secretary ATY
Michael Mandish Treasurer CPA
Adele Zilber Immediate Past President FA
1 Year Term - remaining    
Ed Fee   ATY
Lori Kirk   CPA
Peter Maller   FA
Ricka Neuman   CPA
2 Year Term - remaining    
Norris Brodsky   FA
Lee Carpenter   ATY
Elizabeth Green   ATY
Chester Hobbs   ATY
Sean Kelly   FA
Alice Young   ATY
3 Year Term    
Aquanetta Betts   PP
Christine Buckley   FA
Donni Engelhart   VAL
Andrew Hahn   FA
Max Reamer   FA
Helen Smith   ATY
Christina Snyder   FA
Jacqueline Yahr   PP

Meeting ID: 857 6084 1944
Passcode: 73588

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