Past Events

January 19, 2022 BEPC's NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: After All That - Lifetime Transfers That Still Work!
Louis A. Mezzullo, JD, AEP® (Distinguished)
January 12, 2022 BEPC Education Program: Global Risk Management and the Effects on Perpetuating Wealth
Dante Disparte
December 8, 2021 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: Estate Planning for Modern Families: Planning for Diversity and Flexibility
Wendy S. Goffe, JD, AEP® (Distinguished) Nominee and Kim Kamin, JD, AEP®
December 2, 2021 BEPC Education Program: Baby Boomers and Planned Giving: A very special generation or just typical old people?
Russell James, J.D., Ph.D., CFP®
October 27, 2021 BEPC Education Program: Tax Update
Samuel A. Donaldson, JD, LL.M.
October 13, 2021 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: Social Security Considerations in Estate Planning
Sophia Duffy, JD, CPA and Stephen B. Parrish, JD, RICP®, CLU®, ChFC®, AEP®
October 6, 2021 BEPC Social
September 23, 2021 BEPC Education Program: Planning for Clients Living with Chronic Illness
Martin M. Shenkman, CPA, MBA , PFS, AEP (distinguished), JD
September 15, 2021 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: The Impact of Testamentary Documents in a Divorce: a Divorce Attorneys' Perspective
Natalia C. Wilson, JD
August 11, 2021 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: Planning for Business Owners and Trusts in Light of Changing Income Tax Rates
Steven B. Gorin, JD, CPA, CGMA®, AEP® (Distinguished)
July 14, 2021 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: Income Tax Planning for Real Estate Using Estate Planning Techniques
Jerome M. Hesch, MBA, JD, AEP® (Distinguished)
June 23, 2021 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: 2021 Income Tax Planning Strategies including IRA Strategies
Robert S. Keebler, CPA/PFS, MST, AEP® (Distinguished), CGMA
June 10, 2021 BEPC Annual Meeting
Anna P. Durbin, MD
June 9, 2021 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: Tax-Smart Charitable Giving, Especially with Retirement Assets
Christopher R. Hoyt, JD, AEP® (Distinguished)
May 12, 2021 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: 529 Planning: Happy 25th Birthday
Susan T. Bart, JD
May 11, 2021 BEPC Education Program - Trust Design and Clauses: The Linchpin of the Estate Plan
David Handler
April 21, 2021 NAEPC Viewing Party: Well-Being Trusts — the Future of Imbuing Trusts with Positivity, Meaning and Purpose
Richard S. Franklin, JD, LL.M. and Raymond C. Odom, CFP®
April 1, 2021 NAEPC Webinar w/ the Society of FSP: Methods to Fund Buy-Sell Agreements
James S. Aussem, JD, AEP®
March 10, 2021 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
George Nichols, III, President & CEO, The American College of Financial Services and Dien Yuen, JD, LL.M. (International Law), CAP®, AEP®
March 3, 2021 Emerging Planners "Estate Planning for Young Adults" Study Group
February 25, 2021 BEPC Education Program - Anirban Basu & The Chamber of Data - Toward the Post-Pandemic World
Anirban Basu
February 10, 2021 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: Post-Election Estate Planning
Jonathan G. Blattmachr, Esq., AEP® (Distinguished)
January 20, 2021 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: Growing Your Practice in a Virtual World: A Multidisciplinary Panel Discussion
Moderator - Martin M. Shenkman, CPA/PFS, MBA, JD, AEP® (Distinguished)
January 20, 2021 BEPC Education Program - Life Insurance Planning: Understanding the Tax, Legal, and Investment Fundamentals of Life Insurance and the Top Estate Planning Strategies Involving Life Insurance Today
David R. York, CPA MST
December 9, 2020 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: Virtual Shift: How to Work Online with Meetings, Webinars and More
Dean DeLisle, Founder and CEO, Forward Progress
December 3, 2020 BEPC Education Program - Advising for Good: What you Should Know About Major Donors and the Nonprofits that Solicit Them
Amy Schiffman, CFRE
October 29, 2020 BEPC Emerging Planners Fall Networking Event
October 28, 2020 BEPC Education Program - Cyber Estate Planning & Administration
Gerry W. Beyer, J.D., LL.M., J.S.D.
October 14, 2020 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: Planning for International Families in a time of COVID-19
Joseph A. Field, Senior Counsel
September 17, 2020 BEPC Education Program - The Year in Review: An Estate Planner's Perspective of Recent Tax Developments
Howard M. Zaritsky, J.D. LL.M.
September 9, 2020 NAEPC Webinar ZOOM Party: Zen and the Art of Trust Modification
Susan T. Bart, JD
August 12, 2020 NAEPC Webinar ZOOM Party: Creative Ways to Fund Business Owner Retirement
Vincent M. D'Addona, MSFS, CLU®, ChFC®, RICP®, CExP®, AEP® (Distinguished)
July 9, 2020 The Perfect Storm: Why now may be the best time for Estate Planning
Brian G. Broxterman, CFA, ASA, Chris Rosenthal, CPA/ABV/CFF, ASA, AEP, Lisa Whitcomb, and Frederick R. Franke, Jr.
July 8, 2020 NAEPC Webinar ZOOM Party: What Estate Planning Professionals Need to Know About Cybersecurity in the Era of COVID-19
Justin Joy, JD, CIPP/US, CIPT
June 18, 2020 BEPC - Annual Meeting (via Zoom)
June 10, 2020 NAEPC Webinar ZOOM Party: Planning Team Revenue Opportunities Generated by New Tax Law
Terri L. Getman, JD, CLU®, ChFC®, RICP®, AEP® (Distinguished)
May 20, 2020 NAEPC Webinar ZOOM Party: Remote Signing, Witnessing, and Notarization of Estate Planning Documents: Is the Future Here?
Timothy S. Reiniger, Esq.
May 13, 2020 NAEPC Webinar ZOOM Party: Collaboration Matters - Working Together to Produce Extraordinary Results
Albert E. Gibbons, CLU®, ChFC®, AEP® (Distinguished)
March 11, 2020 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: Charitable Giving and Tax Planning Strategies in the TCJA Era
Patrick J. Saccogna, JD, LL.M. (taxation), CPA*, AEP®
February 27, 2020 BEPC Breakfast Meeting - The Return of the Economist
Anirban Basu
February 12, 2020 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: Basis Step-Up Strategies in Light of Portability and Tax Law Changes
Steven B. Gorin, JD, CPA, AEP®
January 29, 2020 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: Life Settlement Legal and Ethical Responsibilities
Jon B. Mendelsohn, CEO and Co-Founder of Ashar Group/Ashar SMV
January 29, 2020 Emerging Planners SECURE Act Study Group (SOLD OUT!)
January 22, 2020 BEPC Breakfast Meeting - Helping Clients Build Legacies That Last
David R. York, CPA MST
January 8, 2020 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: The NEW Reverse Mortgage - 5 Ways Housing Wealth Is Changing the Estate Planning Conversation
Don Graves, RICP®, CLTC®, CSA
December 11, 2019 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: The Effect of Longevity on Your Life Priorities
Cynthia L. Hutchins, CRPC, CIMA
December 5, 2019 BEPC Breakfast Meeting - Charitable Planning: From the Simple to the Sophisticated
Turney Berry
October 29, 2019 BEPC Breakfast Meeting - Practical Planning and Drafting for Incapacity for Your Clients and Their Beneficiaries
Bernard Krooks
October 16, 2019 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: Elder Law and Special Needs Planning
Bernard A. Krooks, JD, CPA, LL.M. (taxation), CELA, AEP® (Distinguished)
October 16, 2019 BEPC Emerging Planners' Networking Luncheon – Revolutionize HOW You Work for Maximum Efficiency and Better, Faster Results
Leslie Shreve, Founder and CEO of Productive Day
September 25, 2019 BEPC Breakfast Meeting - Federal Tax Update
Samuel A. Donaldson
September 11, 2019 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: Growing Your Firm’s Revenue using the Non-Grantor Trust State Income Tax Chart
Steven J. Oshins, Esq., AEP® (Distinguished)
July 10, 2019 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: Attorney-Client Privilege in a Team Environment
Kim Kamin, JD, AEP® and David Blickenstaff, JD
June 24, 2019 BEPC - Emerging Planner's Social
June 12, 2019 NAEPC Webinar Viewing Party: Leaving a Lasting Legacy
Eric Weiner, PhD
June 4, 2019 BEPC - Annual Meeting and Reception - Sharp Dressed Man
Christopher Schafer, Founder of Sharp Dressed Man
May 7, 2019 Borrowing Basis From Other Assets Using Partnerships
Jerry Hesch Esq., Special Tax Counsel
February 28, 2019 Annual Economic Update: To All the Economists I've Loved
Anirban Basu, The Sage Policy Group
January 31, 2019 Life Settlements: Today's Issues & Opportunities
Ken Samuelson, The Morehead Group AND Jon Mendelsohn, The Ashar Group
January 9, 2019 Incorporating Long-Term Care, Longevity Annuities, and Investment Risk Into A Retirement Income Plan
Jamie P. Hopkins, JD, MBA, LLM, CFP®
December 4, 2018 Annual Charitable Update: Generation Impact
Sharna Goldseker, Goldseker Foundation
October 30, 2018 Emerging Planners Networking Luncheon - The Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Estate Planning
Panel of BEPC Past-Presidents
October 25, 2018 Gray Areas, Slippage, & Ethical Lapses: What We Miss in Our Risk Analyses
Professor Marianne Jennings
September 20, 2018 The Year in Review: An Estate Planner's Perspective of Recent Tax Developments
Howard Zaritsky, JD, LLM
May 8, 2018 Annual Charitable Update; Retirement Assets for 1st and 2nd Marriages: Let the Fun Begin PLUS Income Tax Savings from Charitable Gifts After the New Tax Changes
Christopher Hoyt, Professor of Law, University of Missouri
February 28, 2018 Brown Sugar. Rockin' the Economic Data. Annual Economic Update
Anirban Basu, Sage Policy Group
January 24, 2017 Annual Tax Update: Recent Developments of Interest to Estate Planners
Turney P. Berry, Wyatt, Berry & Combs LLP
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